All functions


Automatically generate names for vectors


Cross map a model across multiple formulas, subsets, and weights


Cross fit generalized linear models


Cross fit robust linear models


Crossing join

cross_list() cross_tbl()

List all combinations of values

future_map_vec() future_map2_vec() future_pmap_vec() future_imap_vec() future_xmap_vec()

Parallelized mapping functions that automatically determine type

future_xmap() future_xmap_chr() future_xmap_dbl() future_xmap_dfc() future_xmap_dfr() future_xmap_int() future_xmap_lgl() future_xmap_raw() future_xwalk()

Map over each combination of list elements simultaneously via futures

future_xmap_mat() future_xmap_arr()

Parallelized cross map returning a matrix or array

map_vec() map2_vec() pmap_vec() imap_vec() xmap_vec()

Mapping functions that automatically determine type


Turn an object into a tidy tibble with glance information

xmap() xmap_chr() xmap_dbl() xmap_dfc() xmap_dfr() xmap_int() xmap_lgl() xmap_raw() xwalk()

Map over each combination of list elements

xmap_mat() xmap_arr()

Return a table applying a function to all combinations of list elements


Get one or more elements deep within a nested data structure